Businesses face many challenges on the path to achieving their growth and profitability targets. And although finance is at the heart of each of those challenges, management’s day to day responsibilities in other mission critical areas can make it difficult or impossible to direct sufficient attention to financial strategy and controls. Even if time allowed, you, as a business owner or CEO, may realize that the challenge calls for a level of financial experience and expertise that that simply is not available “in-house”.

My background includes deep and varied experience in corporate finance, banking, financial modeling, capital structure and financial management, including over 13 years with Citibank where I managed all types of funding challenges on behalf of private companies and corporate clients, including restructurings, recapitalization and workouts. As founder of an internet venture, a not-for-profit and as consultant to numerous entrepreneurs, I have also gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges of startups.

I draw on 30+ years’ experience, plus a team of professional analysts, bookkeepers and controllers, to devise and implement solutions to your financial management, financing and business challenges. Working hand in hand with key executives, my team provides solutions to problems and challenges that will not resolve themselves, helping you create a more efficient, profitable and valuable business.

Numbers speak volumes, but relationships drive the future. A relationship with JCJCo gives you access to the expertise and experience you need to take your business to the next level. Let’s connect, talk about where you are, and where you could be!

JCJCo’s past and current clients include:

Scentbird - Delivering Joy thru Scent

Awakening Voices - Positive Programming for All Ages

Grego - Greek Home Cooking and Specialty Foods Market

Juke Bar



Zylie the Bear